Selected list of best consultancy services firms in Nigeria.

Some of the best consultancy services any expert can specialize on are financial and auditing services, tax management services, education services, cloud computing, accounting packages. Also, human resources management and career development, business and marketing development, professional training services, books and journal publication, self-publishing and lot more.

Kind of Consultancy services rendered by Ohimai Consulting

The selected list is among the best consultancy services as discussed below.

  1. Financial and auditing services. The consultancy will ensure that accounting and auditing of all their clients are handled professionally.
  2. Tax management services. The consultant manages all the taxes such as Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE), company income tax, tax return fillings, creation of Tax Identification Number, VAT management, tax clearance, stamp duty. the consultant will ensure that all their clients don’t default or violate the tax law but ensures full compliance of their civil right and obligation.
  3. Educational Services. The consultant through the consultancy services will render helps to students and non-students in foreign land. Through these services, Ohimai Consulting now mentored students in the foreign universities.
  4. Cloud Computing. The consultant will be able to manage several firms without having to visit them in their various offices. These services can be rendered by the consultant from any location to their clients.
  5. Accounting Packages. The consultant will earn money from these services rendered to their clients. Services like sales a of accounting packages, training on how to manage the software and also the installation as well as the setting up of the book of account.
  6. Human Resources Management. Consultants will make money from rendering of recruitment services, training of company staff as well as professional and career development in all field.
  7. Self-publishing in Amazon. The consultant that can create content in writing and in video are position to make money from just publishing e-books for sales online.

In summary, consultancy is a profitable business where an expert can earn money from several sources. To learn area where an expert can earn more money, then watch the video below for more information.

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