Researchable Accounting Topics



For your convenience, we have selected 202 best researchable accounting topics student can choose from and modify to suit your research interest for your project, dissertation and thesis. You can contact us for expert advice on your variables etc.

  1. Environmental Accounting Disclosure Practice of Nigerian Quoted Firms: A Case Study of Some Selected Quoted Consumer Goods Companies.
  2. The decision by management to disclose environmental information: A research note based on interviews.
  3. Environmental disclosure in Nigerian quoted companies: the longitudinal study
  4. Environmental Accounting and Social Responsibility Disclosure on the Earning Capacity of Nigerian Manufacturing Firms.
  5. Oil Revenue and Output Growth in Nigeria.
  6. Current Developments and Trends in Social and Environmental Auditing, Reporting & Attestation: A Personal Perspective.
  7. The impact of CO2 emissions trading on firm profits and market prices
  8. Economic Growth and Carbon Emission in Nigeria
  9. Earnings Management and Executive Compensation: a Case of Overdose of Option and Underdose of Salary?
  10. Executive compensation and contract-driven earnings management
  11. Environmental Disclosure From the Accounting to the Report Perspective
  12. A pilot study of corporate governance and accounting fraud: The fraud diamond model
  13. Ability of fraud triangle, fraud diamond, beneish m score, and altman z score to predict financial statements fraud
  14. Accounting conservatism impact on real earnings management
  15. Accounting fraud: a literature review
  16. An Evaluation of Forensic Accountants to Planning Management Fraud Risk Detection Procedures
  17. An evaluation of the effect of fraud and related financial crimes on the Nigerian economy
  18. Dynamic analysis of financial statement fraud on profitability of manufacturing firms in Nigeria
  19. Analysis on accrual-based models in detecting earnings Analysis on accrual-based models in detecting earnings management
  20. Can The Fraud Triangle Predict Accounting Fraud? : Evidence from Japan
  21. Detecting Fraudulent Financial Reporting through Financial Statement Analysis
  22. Detection of fraudulent financial statements using the hybrid data mining approach
  23. Determinants of Financial Statement Fraud Likelihood in Listed Firms
  24. Dimensions of fraud in Nigeria quoted firms
  25. Dynamic analysis of financial statement fraud on profitability of manufacturing firms in Nigeria
  26. Effect of financial fraud on the performance of commercial banks: a case study of  tier 1 banks in Nakuru town, Kenya
  27. Evaluation of financial statements fraud detection research: a multi‑disciplinary analysis
  28. Evidence on the Trade-Off between Real Activities Manipulation and Accrual-Based Earnings Management.
  29. Financial reporting fraud and otherforms of misconduct: a multidisciplinary review of the literature
  30. Financial Statement Fraud Detection: An Analysis of Statistical and Machine Learning Algorithms
  31. Forensic Accounting and Financial Fraud in Nigeria: An Empirical Approach
  32. Forensic auditing and financial fraud in Nigerian deposit money banks (DMBS)
  33. Forensic Auditing Techniques and Fraudulent Practices of Public Institutions in Nigeria
  34. Fraud and Fraudulent Practices in Nigeria Banking Industry
  35. Fraud and Performance of Deposit Money Banks
  36. Fraud Diamond Analysis in Detecting Fraudulent Financial Reporting (Study on Indonesian Capital Market)
  37. Fraud Diamond Model for Fraudulent Financial Statement Detection
  38. Fraudulent Financial Reporting: An Application of Fraud Models to Malaysian Public Listed Companies
  39. Fraudulent Financial Reporting: How Do We Close the Knowledge Gap?
  40. Greed an Attribute of Fraudster
  41. Growth of bank frauds and the impact on the Nigerian banking industry
  42. Is Modified Jones Model Effective in Detecting Earnings Management? Evidence from A Developing Economy
  43. M-score and z-score for detection of accounting fraud Ganga Bhavani
  44. Possibilities of Identifying Manipulated Financial Statements
  45. Real earnings management and accrual-based earnings management as substitutes
  46. The determination of fraudulent financial reporting causes by using pentagon theory on manufacturing companies in Indonesia.
  47. The Fraud Diamond: Element in Detecting Financial Statement of Fraud
  48. An Effective Financial Statements Fraud Detection Model for the Sustainable Development of Financial Markets: Evidence from Taiwan
  49. The new fraud diamond model- how can it help forensic accountants in fraud investigation in Nigeria?
  50. Analysis of factors that influence financial statement fraud in the perspective fraud diamond: Empirical study on banking companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange year 2012 to 2014
  51. Analysis of Frauds in Banks: Nigeria’s Experience
  52. Application of beneish m-score on selected financial statements
  53. Beneish Model as Effective Complement to the Application of SAS No. 99 in the Conduct of Audit in Nigeria
  54. Beyond the Fraud Diamond
  55. Capability Component of Fraud and Fraud Prevention in the Saudi Arabian Banking Sector.
  56. Consequences of Financial Statement Fraud: A Developing Country Perspective
  57. Curbing Occupational and Financial Reporting Fraud: An Alternative Paradigm
  58. Detecting and predicting financial statement fraud: the effectiveness of the fraud traingle and sas no. 99
  59. Detecting false financial statements using published data: some evidence from Greece
  60. Detecting Financial Statement Frauds in Malaysia: Comparing the Abilities of Beneish and Dechow Models
  61. Detecting Fraudulent Financial Statement Using Fraud Triangle: Capability as Moderating Variable.
  62. Financial control and accountability in the public sector
  63. Impact of Fiscal Control Institutions on Financial Accountability in Nigerian Public Sector: A Study of Oyo State
  64. Impact of International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) Adoption on Financial Accountability in Selected Local Governments of Oyo State, Nigeria
  65. Institutionalizing the culture of accountability in local government administration in Nigeria
  66. Instrument of Control And Accountability in Ebonyi State Local Government Councils, Nigeria
  67. Internal control system: a managerial tool for proper accountability a case study of Nigeria customs service
  68. Public accountability and government financial reporting
  69. The effect of internal audit and internal control system on public accountability: the emperical study in Indonesia state universities
  70. The effects of accountability and transparency in financial management of Nigerian local government (a case study of Bende Local Government)
  71. The financial accountability and control structure of public sector utilities
  72. The Impact of Financial Control on Accountability in the Public Sector in Nigeria
  73. The relationship between financial control systems and public sector efficiency in Ghana
  74. The relationship between economic growth and co2 emissions and the effects of energy consumption on co2 emission patterns in Nigerian economy
  75. Pollutant Emissions, Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Nigeria
  76. Electricity Consumption, Carbon Emissions and Economic Growth in Nigeria
  77. Fraudulent financial reporting: A fraud Pentagon analysis.
  78. The Role of Financial Control in the Socio-Economic Development of Nigeria
  79. The role of financial control institutions in promoting financial accountability in the public sector: a study of plateau state under democratic regimes
  80. The status of Internal Audit at Local Government Level in Nigeria
  81. Five big audits and accounting fraud
  82. The role of financial control over increasing the efficiency of using budget funds
  83. Detection fraudulent financial statement: beneish m-score model
  84. Detection of Fraud in Financial Statements: French Companies as a Case Study
  85. Detection of Fraudulent Financial Statements with Fraud Diamond
  86. Financial Statement Fraud Detection using Text Mining
  87. Fraud Detection and Prevention Methods in the Malaysian Public Sector: Accountants’ and Internal Auditors’ Perceptions
  88. Fraud detection of financial statement by using fraud diamond perspective
  89. Fraud diamond: detection analysis on the fraudulent financial reporting
  90. Fraud in Technical Projects: The Greek Case
  91. Fraud Pentagon Analysis in Assessing the Likelihood of Fraudulent Financial Statement (Study on Manufacturing Firms Listed in Bursa Efek Indonesia  Period 2013-2016)
  92. Fraud Pentagon Analysis in Detecting Fraudulent Financial Reporting (Study on Indonesian Capital Market)
  93. Fraud Triangle Theory and Fraud Diamond Theory. Understanding the Convergent and Divergent For Future Research
  94. Fraudulent Financial Reporting Based of Fraud Diamond Theory: A Study of the Banking Sector in Indonesia
  95. Management disclosure and earnings management practices in reducing the implication risk
  96. Models of detection of manipulated financial statements as part of the internal control system of the entity
  97. Personal Ethics and Fraudster Motivation: The Missing Link in Fraud Triangle and Fraud Diamond Theories
  98. Predictive Relationships among the Elements of the Fraud Diamond Theory: The Perspective of Accountants
  99. Role of Beneish M-score Model in Detecting of Earnings Management Practices: Empirical Study in Listed Banks of Iraqi Stock Exchange
  100. The Detection of Fraudulent Financial Statement with Fraud Diamond Analysis
  101. The Fraud Diamond: Considering the Four Elements of Fraud
  102. The Model of Fraud Detection in Financial Statements by Means of Financial Ratios
  103. The new fraud triangle model
  104. Government spending and economic growth in Nigeria: evidence from disaggregated analysis
  105. An analysis of government spending and economic growth in Nigeria
  106. An Assessment of the Impact of Public Expenditure on Economic Growth in Nigeria, 1981-2015
  107. An Empirical Analysis of Government Expenditure and Economic Growth in Nigeria
  108. An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Compositional Changes in Public Expenditure on Economic Growth: Time Series Evidence from Pakistan
  109. Analysis of Impact of Sectoral Government Expenditures on Economic Growth in Nigeria: Bound Test Co-integration Approach
  110. Analysis of the Growth Impact of Health Expenditure in Nigeria
  111. Composition of Public Expenditure and Economic Growth in Nigeria
  112. Contribution of Agriculture to Economic Growth in Nigeria
  113. Does public spending affect unemployment in an emerging market?
  114. Does Recurrent Expenditure Drive Growth In Nigeria? A Cointegrated Var Approach
  115. Does the relationship between government expenditure and economic growth follow wagner’s law in Nigeria
  116. Economic Analysis of Capital Expenditure and Infrastructural Development in Nigeria
  117. Education and Economic Growth : An Experience from Nepal
  118. Educational Expenditure and Economic Growth Nexus in Nigeria (1987-2016)
  119. Effects of public expenditure on economic growth in nigeria: a disaggregated time series analysis
  120. Employment Opportunities and Economic Growth in Nigeria: 2005 to 2009.
  121. Government Expenditure and Economic Growth Nexus: Evidence from Nigeria
  122. Government expenditure and economic development: empirical evidence from Nigeria
  123. Government Expenditure and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Nigeria Economy (1981 – 2016)
  124. Government Expenditure and Economic Growth in Nigeria: A Disaggregated Approach
  125. Government Expenditure and Economic Growth in Nigeria: An Analysis with Dynamic Ordinary Least Squares
  126. Government Expenditure and Economic Growth in Nigeria: A Cointegration and Error Correction Modeling
  127. Government Expenditure And Economic Growth In Nigeria, 1970-2008: A Disaggregated Analysis
  128. Government expenditure and economic growth in nigeria: cointegration analysis and causality testing
  129. Government Expenditure and Economic Growth Nexus: Evidence from Nigeria
  130. Government expenditure and economic growth: the case of nigeria
  131. Government Expenditure and Industrial Development in Nigeria: Long Run and Short Run Dynamics from ARDL Approach
  132. Government Expenditure: Impact on the Nigerian Economic Development
  133. Government Expenditure on Agricultural Sector and Economic Growth in Nigeria (1981 – 2010)
  134. Government Expenditure on Agriculture and Economic Growth in Nigeria
  135. Government expenditure on agriculture and economic growth in nigeria (1985-2015)
  136. Government expenditure, inflation rate and economic growth in Nigeria (1981-2013): A vector autoregressive approach
  137. Government Expenditure, Efficiency and Economic Growth: A Panel Analysis of Sub Saharan African Low Income Countries
  138. Government expenditure, oil revenue and economic growth in Nigeria
  139. Government Expenditures and Economic Growth: The Nigerian Experience
  140. Government expenditures and unemployment: a DSGE perspective
  141. Government Spending and Economic Growth in Nigeria (1980-2011)
  142. Government spending on infrastructure and economic growth in Nigeria
  143. Health expenditure and economic growth a review of the literature and an analysis between the economic community for central African states (CEMAC) and selected African countries
  144. Impact of Government Expenditure on Economic Growth in Nigeria: A Disaggregated Analysis
  145. Impact of government expenditure on economic growth in Nigeria
  146. Impact of government expenditure on manufacturing sector in Nigeria (1986-2016)
  147. Military Expenditure and Human Capital Development in Nigeria
  148. Investigating Government Sectoral Spending and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria
  149. Nexus between Government Expenditure on Education and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidences from India
  150. Accountability and Public Sector Performance in the Third World Country: A Case Study of Nigeria
  151. Accountability and transparency in the Nigerian public service: a study of selected local government in Ogun state in Nigeria
  152. Analysis of Internal Control in Enhancing Performance’s Accountability in Local Government Work Unit through Risk-Based Audit (ISA)
  153. Assessing the Financial Accountability of the Somali Federal Government Organizations
  154. Assessment of Financial Accountability and Economic Growth in Nigeria
  155. Budgetary Practices and Accountability in Nigeria: A Study of Ministry of Commerce and West Africa Glass Industry in Port Harcourt
  156. Determinants of financial accountability in Local Government in Uganda: A case study of Wakiso District Local Council
  157. Effects Of Financial Controls On Financial Management In Kenya’s Public Sector: A Case Of National Government Departments In Mirangine Sub-County, Nyandarua County
  158. Efficiency and accountability of public sector revenue and expenditure in Nigeria (1970-2014)
  159. An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Internal Audit Unit at Local Government Level in Adamawa State
  160. Evaluation of Public Accountability and Tax Culture among Tax Payers in Nigeria
  161. Financial Accountability and National Development: Analysis of Role and Effect
  162. Financial control and accountability in the public sector in Nigeria
  163. Empirical application of research design in management sciences
  164. Enhancement of the Accountability of Public Sectors through Integrity System, Internal Control System and Leadership Practices: A Review Study
  165. Fraud auditing and forensic accounting
  166. The impact of government integrated financial management information system (gifmis) on economic development of Nigeria
  167. Public Expenditure and Growth
  168. Public Expenditure on Social Capital: Implications for Economic Growth in Nigeria.
  169. The Effect of Government Expenditure on Infrastructure on the Growth of the Nigerian Economy, 1977-2009
  170. The Impact of Federal Government Expenditure on Economic Growth in Nigeria (1981-2014)
  171. The Relative Impacts of Federal Capital and Recurrent Expenditures on Nigeria’s Economy (1980-2011)
  172. Unemployment and Nigerian Economic Growth (1985-2009)
  173. A Review of the Literature on Control and Accountability
  174. Accountability and public sector financial management in nigeria
  175. Managerial incentives for earnings management among listed firms: evidence from Fiji
  176. The difference between wages and wage potentials: Earnings disadvantages of immigrants in Germany
  177. The effect of labour union contract negociations on earnings management: a european context
  178. The relation between executive compensation and earnings management: Changes in the post-Sarbanes-Oxley era
  179. The Impact of Wage Differentials on Labour Turn Over in Nigeria
  180. The Discretionary Accrual in the Financial Statement of a Public Company inIndonesia: A Literature Review
  181. Wage policies in the public sector during wholesale privatization
  182. Growth Evidence of Imports in Nigeria: A Time Series Analysis
  183. Disaggregated imports and economic growth in nigeria
  184. Capital Imports and Economic Growth: The Italian Experience,
  185. The Impact of Sustainability Reporting on Firm Profitability
  186. Sustainability Reporting and Firm Value: Evidence from Singapore-Listed Companies
  187. Sustainability Reports and Its Effect on Firm Value in Thailand
  188. Do investors care about the Quality of Sustainability reports? – The Relationship between Sustainability Reporting Quality and Firm Value and the Role of Analysts
  189. Profitability, growth opportunity, capital structure and the firm value
  190. Impact of firm characteristics on firm value of listed healthcare firms in Nigeria
  191. Corporate social responsibility and market value: evidence from Jordan”,
  192. Corporate social responsibility disclosure and market valuation: evidence from Spanish listed firms
  193. CSR and Market Valuation: International Evidence
  194. On the alternative proxies for estimating firm growth in empirical corporate finance literature: Evidence from Indian manufacturing sector
  195. Current Developments and Trends in Social and Environmental Auditing, Reporting & Attestation: A Personal Perspective
  196. Determinants of social and environmental disclosures by Spanish Companies
  197. A Study of Social Accounting Disclosures in the Annual Reports of Nigerian Companies
  198. Corporate social reporting practices of top Indian software firms
  199. Corporate Social Responsibility and the Legal Regulation in Nigeria
  200. Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures in Nigeria: A Study of Listed Financial and Non-Financial Firms
  201. What Corporate Social Responsibility Activities are Valued by the Market?
  202. Which side do institutional investors take? Their real face in the impact of CEO risk aversion on CSR

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