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We offer a wide range of professional services associated with expert advice, accounting services, research, tax management, investment, data collection and analysis, finance, Sales of Books, online coaching, mentorship and other related professional services which include but not limited to:

Accounting Services

  • Financial /Management Reports
  • Management of staff payroll
  • Net Worth Statement.
  • Setting and reviewing of Internal Control system.
  • Audit & Investigations
  • Other accounting services

Tax Management

  • Filling of return for Pay –as –you-earn (PAYE)
  • Periodic filling of tax return
  • Stamp duty for properties
  • Tax Advice

HR Consultancy

  • Recruitment and Placement
  • Staff Training
  • Re-writing of Resumes/CV
  • Coaching of job applicant

Journal Publication Consultancy

  • Articles publication
  • eBooks publication
  • Publish short articles on our site
  • Host your books on our site

Specialised Services

  •  Installations of accounting software
  • Networking of accounting system for effective result.
  • Web Design and Training
  • Review of websites for better ranking

Ohimai Training Institute

  • Accounting
  • Academic Wrting
  • Content Creation
  • eBook publication
  • CV/Resumes development
  • Business Management
  • Emerging issues
  • General issues

Business & Management Consultancy

  • Business Plan, business proposal and Feasibility Study
  • Management of pension fund
  • Company Profile and registration
  • NAFDAC Registration
  • CAC returns and filling

Promotional Services

We promotes and drives traffic through content writing:

  • Companies
  • Websites
  • Products and services
  • Youtube channels
  • Social media
  • Accounting articles

Financial Advisory

  • Investment appraisal and evaulation
  • Investment monitoring
  • Financial Advice

Co-operative Society Consultancy

  • Co-operative Registration
  • Training of co-operators
  • Setting up books of account
  • Monitroing progress report

Master eCreator (Amazon)

  • Consultancy
  • eBooks and Papaerback online training
  • Amazon account management

Sales of Books and Accounting Packages

  • Sales of accounting books on our site
  • Quick Books, Sage 50 for sales etc
  • Non-accounting books for sales on our site

Company Incorporation

  • CAC  approved Agent
  • DPR Approved Agent
  • NAFDAC Approved Agent
  • Cooperative Registration

Content Creation

  • Create content for third parties site
  • Create conent to advert your products and services
  • Create content to rank your site and advert on google 

SEO Consultancy

  • Good content with SEO ranking
  • Audit website for SEO ranking


  • Partner with local and international firms to conduct field research on their behalf in Nigeria.
  • Conduct Data Collection and Analysis.


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