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At Ohimai Consulting, we render EXPERT HELP on bookkeeping, accounting, tax advice, education, company setups, financial report, public health, environmental management, class assignments, thesis and specialised services for small business owners, NGOs and institutions. We also render mentorship to students in higher institutions.

202 Accounting Topics

For your convenience, we have selected 202 best researchable accounting topics students can choose from and modify to suit your research interest for your project, dissertation and thesis. You can contact our expert help for advice on your variables etc.

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Bank Reconciliation Statement

What is Bank Reconciliation Bank Reconciliation Statement s the verification of all the entries in the bank statement with the bank book of the business. First, let understand what bank statement and cash book mean. A bank...

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PAY-AS-YOU-EARN Pay-as-you-earn is a tax deducted from employee salary account and remitted on or before the 10th day of the month following the month in which salaries were paid. See relevant sections of the Personal Income Tax...

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Cooperative Accounting

Cooperative accounting is the applications of financial accounting principles, concepts and policies to cooperatives in order to ascertain its financial position, promote accountability, efficient management and ensure viable...

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