The benefits of ICAN certificate to all area of our lives are enormous. ICAN, whose membership comprises of accountants, auditors, and accounting technicians. It was established in 1965 by Act of Parliament No. 15 of 1st September 1965 (the ICAN Act) ( Since then, it has improved the lives of its members and the nation in general.

Being a member of ICAN make you become a professional in accountancy. Opportunities will be available to you when you become a full member of ICAN. A lot of information will be available to you to create wealth. 

In the public sector, apart from increase morale and a sense of achievement, there are other things to enjoy. This report looked at two things that are considered benefits of ICAN certificate. If you are a qualified member of ICAN before you got employment cadre of the Federal Government of Nigeria, these are your benefits.

  • Entry-level with ICAN certificate 

This means the moment you are qualified as a chartered accountant before gaining employment in the public sector, you have a chance to start in Grade Level 10. 

ICAN members with certificate will still be considered for employment in the public sector in line with the provision of the existing scheme of service even without them having a first degree.

It is only ICAN and other related qualifications prescribed in the scheme of service considered for civil service appointment without a first degree. 

The entry point for every ICAN member is GL 10.

  • Advancement of ICAN qualified members 

Advancement means moving an officer up from one rank to a higher one within his class or cadre. It is not the same with conversion.

An officer who is on a Grade Level 08 advanced to Grade Level 10. It is a way, a type of promotion. The officer must possess the qualification, which the scheme of service stipulated for holders of that office.

In the case of ICAN members’ already in service, whose grade is below Grade Level 10 and who obtain ICAN qualification is qualified to be advanced to Grade level 10.

The moment that employee sits for ICAN exams and qualify. He or she is qualified to notify his or her employer of the new qualification for considerations.

Ordinarily, the promotion would have taken a minimum of 6 years if he or she passes the confirmation and promotion exams. The power of the ICAN certificate can make it possible in two years.


Student of accounting in higher institutions and accounting officers in the service of the Federal Government needs to take advantage of this opportunity that is made available. This qualification needs to be presented before attaining grade level 10. I


This post is not a legal advice. You are to carry out due diligent on your own.

Friday Ojeaburu
Friday Ojeaburu

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