Abstract: This study examined the impact of Audit Quality and Financial Performance of Quoted Firms in Nigeria. The study spanned from 2000-2017 which is 18 year period. The independent variable is audit quality which is proxy with auditor’s independence, audit size and audit committee while the dependent variable is Financial Performance and proxy with earnings per share and return on asset. Three firms were chosen for this study, which are: Unilever Nigeria Plc., Oando Plc. and C & I Leasing Company. Time series data were used and gotten from annual report and account of the firms under study. The study applied Ordinary Least Square (OLS) estimation technique through E-view 7.0 version. The result revealed that for model 1 Company is below 5% significant level. The study thereby concludes that audit quality does not have significant impact on returns on asset of quoted firms in Nigeria. The study recommended that management of quoted firms in Nigeria can improve the financial performance and audit independence of their firms by increasing the amount of audit fees paid to the audit firm. This might seem like a profit reducing decision in the short run, but the benefits it will bring to the firm far outweighs the cost. Also management of quoted firms should employ the services of one of the Big 4 audit firms because their character and integrity is beyond question.

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(PDF) Audit Quality and Financial Performance of Quoted Firms in Nigeria (researchgate.net)

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