List of Financial Blogs in Nigeria

List of Financial Blogs in Nigeria




This blog discusses finance, educational issues, content creation and related matters. An expert in the field manages the blog.
Ohimai Consulting


In 2001, a daily newspaper was founded in Lagos that now has a bureau in Accra, Ghana.


Ugochukwu Obi-chukwu, a chartered accountant with expertise in Accounting, Corporate Finance, Financial Management, and Personal Finance, established Nairametrics.


Financial Nigeria magazine is a monthly publication focuses on finance and development issues. The publisher offers news and policy analysis for Nigeria and other sub-Saharan African frontier markets. Femi Aribisala serves as the Chairman of the board.


Investors, King was established in 2010 by Samed Olukoya, a well-experienced global foreign exchange research analyst with expertise in economic policy, financial markets, startups, data analysis, and Python programming.


Ezekiel Enejeta, a former banker, founded this organization focusing on recruitment and publications.


Business Post is a rapidly expanding business/financial media outlet in Nigeria. It is managed by Dipo Olowookere, who previously worked on the Business Desks of several leading newspapers in Nigeria before joining Business Post.


Finance Ngr is a resource centre designed to cater to the banking requirements of individuals, with a particular focus on personal finance. This blog aims to aid business people, students, and even homemakers manage their finances effectively. – FinanceNGR


Proshare brings depth to financial and technical analysis, investigate reports, broader reach and engages in ethical reporting. Founder/Ceo, Olufemi Awoyemi, is a 1988 graduate of Accounting and a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).

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Business and Personal Growth

This is three pillars that make men great that showcase the strategies to earn business and personal growth. These three pillars were identified as Knowledge, identity and network.

This article covers business and personal growth, connected due to the author’s strong interest in both concepts. Business growth is when a business reaches the level of expansion and pursues additional options to earn more profit. It is achievable when business owners and environmental factors determine what happens to a firm’s success.

In addition, businesses experience growth when there is no agent and the principal issues. The industry is expected to grow when its customer base is expanded, revenue increases due to several business models. Also, strategies employed or when different products are produced after researching the market to know the need of consumers.

Personal growth involves both comprehending and pushing oneself to reach their full potential. It can encompass adopting new habits, hobbies, skills, and approaches to accomplish one’s objectives.. It can also mean continually examining who you are becoming and your plans to attain that level.

Growth is not just about gaining market share but also involves engaging in social activities. This means a surviving company’s success relies on how well it serves its wider stakeholders and increases social welfare (Ward, 2020).

Numerous studies have explored business creation, operation, and management (Santamaria, 2018; Birley & Westhead, 1993; Rosa, 1998; Iacobucci & Rosa, 2010). However, this book has identified an F-Ojes Model consisting of three main business and personal growth pillars.

Component of this model tested

Successful businessmen and women have knowingly or unknowingly tested and applied the components of this business and personal model. It has helped them achieve success and expand their businesses.

Amancio Ortega created the Inditex Fashion Group and Zara chain store to fulfil his business and personal ambitions. He implemented this strategy by reinvesting billions of dollars in dividends into real estate and further expanding his business. As a result, both he and his company have thrived, with Zara having branches and offices worldwide. He was even once the wealthiest man in Spain.

Ortega’s leadership style involves actively listening to employees and clients and recognizing them as essential members of his business network. He prioritizes their input and ideas to ensure the business’s success. Ortega kept manufacturing and pricing tasks in-house to prioritise the business’s best interests.

As he listened to employees’ suggestions, he was able to design unique brands. It has helped him integrate their opinions and views into the organization’s success. A network can do this for someone who receives vital information from the immediate environment.

Several scholars have investigated different models for business growth. Still, this book looked at the model by Churchill and Lewis (1987), which is relevant to small and growing businesses as stated in the five stages of company development. According to Lewis and his friend.

The stages are:


This is related to garnering customers and delivering product or service.


This means companies have demonstrated that they are workable business entities, with a big question as to whether there is sufficient money for the firm to break even and remain in business.


This has to do with the decision challenges encountered by owners of the business as to whether to exploit the firm’s achievement and expand or keep the firm stable and profitable, providing a base for alternative owner activities.

Take -Off

It means how to make the firm proliferate and finance its growth..

Resource Maturity,

With its size and management advantages, the company can become a strong market force if it keeps its entrepreneurial spirit.

According to Lewis, the model can be helpful for owners during the initial stages of their businesses. As a valuable tool for business owners, the model facilitates task allocation and enables the adjustment of management positions. It also proves beneficial for accountants and consultants in identifying issues and offering solutions to smaller enterprises.

A business or individual who desires business and personal growth should apply the three pillars that make men great. Expanding customer base, increasing revenue, producing more, and going global can help achieve goals.

In line with Premaratne, the success of business enterprises and individuals depends on personal networks (Premaratne, 2001). Still, this book discusses identity and knowledge about current information technology and the knowledge-based economy.

In this book, the author has introduced the F-Ojes Model, which has three main pillars. The first pillar is IDENTITY; the second is represented by the letter K, which stands for KNOWLEDGE. Lastly, the third and final pillar is represented by the letter N, which denotes NETWORK.

The author has listed certain pillars that resemble self-determination assumptions. These pillars relate to the requirements that individuals need to fulfil before achieving psychological growth. Find them below:


This is when the expectation is that individuals control their actions and objectives and feel a sense of ownership.


This is where the requirement is for people to gain mastery of tasks and learn diverse skills. Believing in your skills increases the likelihood of taking action towards achieving your goals.


This is where the requirement is for people to relate to other people across the network. When people experience a sense of belonging and attachment to others, they can see self-determination to achieve things.

Today, one cannot do without any of these technology like IoT, Cloud computing, Drone technology and Artificial Intelligent. If combine this technology with F-Ojes Model, it will surely position businesses and individuals.


Birley, S. and Westhead, P. (1993). A comparison of new businesses established by “novice” and “habitual” founders in Great Britain. International Small Business Journal, 12, 38-60.

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Iacobucci, D. and Rosa, P. (2010). The Growth of business groups by habitual entrepreneurs: The Role of Entrepreneurial Teams. Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, 34,351-373.

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Santamaria, S. (2018). Company growth or business growth? Business group formation as an entrepreneurial growth strategy. /seminarios/ filesem1542013693.pdf (Accessed 2nd October 2022).

Ward, A.M (2020). Finance: Theory and Practice, Chartered Accountants Ireland

Top 85 Management Skills or Leadership Skills that you need in your resume

An action word is one that does something.  Action verb for management skill or leadership skills that will be appropriate in your resume. Once any of these list is introduced into your resume it will signifies that you have management skills or leadership skills.

Management /Leadership skills

  1. Administered
  2. Aligned
  3. Analyzed
  4. Appointed
  5. Approved
  6. Assigned
  7. Attained
  8. Authorized
  9. Blocked
  10. Chaired
  11. Considered
  12. Consolidated
  13. Contracted
  14. Controlled
  15. Converted
  16. Coordinated
  17. Cultivated
  18. Decided
  19. Delegated
  20. Developed
  21. Directed
  22. Dispatched
  23. Eliminated
  24. Emphasized
  25. Enabled
  26. Enforced
  27. Enhanced
  28. Ensured
  29. Established
  30. Evaluated
  31. Executed
  32. Facilitated
  33. Fostered
  34. Generated
  35. Guided
  36. Handled
  37. Headed
  38. Hired
  39. Hosted
  40. Improved
  41. Incorporated
  42. Increased
  43. Initiated
  44. Inspected
  45. Inspired
  46. Instituted
  47. Itemized
  48. Led
  49. Managed
  50. Mentored
  51. Merged
  52. Mobilised
  53. Monitored
  54. Motivated
  55. Navigated
  56. Organized
  57. Originated
  58. Overhauled
  59. Oversaw
  60. Planned
  61. Presided
  62. Prioritized
  63. Produced
  64. Recommended
  65. Reorganized
  66. Recruited
  67. Regulated
  68. Replaced
  69. Restored
  70. Reviewed
  71. Shaped
  72. Scheduled
  73. Screened
  74. Scrutinized
  75. Secured
  76. Selected
  77. Streamlined
  78. Strengthened
  79. Supervised
  80. Taught
  81. Terminated
  82. Trained
  83. Unified
  84. United
  85. Verified

Check Top 100 list of Adverb Keywords for Resume |

Top 100 list of Adverb Keywords for Resume

Adverbs described verb. Be honest, accurate and selective with the numbers of adverbs in your resume.  Here is the top 100 list adverbs keyword below of the most frequently used adverbs in resume.

  1. Accurately
  2. Actively
  3. Aggressively
  4. Ambitiously
  5. Analytically
  6. Angrily
  7. Aptly
  8. Artistically
  9. Assertively
  10. Astutely
  11. Capably
  12. Candidly
  13. Carefully
  14. Cheerfully
  15. Competently
  16. Competitively
  17. Confidently
  18. Conscientiously
  19. Consistently
  20. Cooperatively
  21. Courteously
  22. Creatively
  23. Clearly
  24. Creatively
  25. Cleverly
  26. Competently
  27. Consistently
  28. Directly
  29. Decidedly
  30. Dependably
  31. Diligently
  32. Effectively
  33. Efficiently
  34. Energetically
  35. Enthusiastically
  36. Eternally
  37. Fairly
  38. Faithfully
  39. Financially
  40. Flexibly
  41. Flexibly          
  42. Faithfully       
  43. Gregariously
  44. Gladly
  45. Happily
  46. Naturally
  47. Happily
  48. Honestly
  49. Inventively
  50. Imaginatively
  51. Impartially
  52. Independently
  53. Ingeniously
  54. Instinctively
  55. Imaginatively
  56. Independently
  57. Intellectually
  58. Intelligently
  59. Justifiably
  60. Light
  61. Lovely
  62. Logically
  63. Meticulously
  64. Naturally
  65. Neutrally
  66. Open-mindedly
  67. Objectively
  68. Openly
  69. Originally
  70. Passionately
  71. Patiently
  72. Perseveringly
  73. Pleasantly
  74. Practically
  75. Precisely
  76. Proficiently
  77. Professionally
  78. Quickly
  79. Regularly
  80. Resiliently
  81. Proficiently
  82. Progressively
  83. Rationally
  84. Realistically
  85. Reliably
  86. Resourcefully
  87. Responsibly
  88. Resourcefully
  89. Significantly
  90. Steadily
  91. Strongly
  92. Straightforwardly
  93. Substantially
  94. Successfully
  95. Supportively
  96. Technically
  97. Thoroughly
  98. Truthfully
  99. Unfailingly
  100. Wilfully

Check Top 84 Management Skills or Leadership Skills that you need in your resume |

Accounting Blogs

Accounting Blogs



23 best accounting blog in 2020 you would be interested to read.


Accounting coach was launched in 2003. This blogs take care of student, an accountant, or small business, it contains explanations, quizzes, puzzles, Q&A, videos on various accounting, bookkeeping, managerial and financial topics.


Accountex report was formerly known as Sleeter Group. Accountex Report is one of the best sources on accounting technology and QuickBooks software. They are good in technologies, such as cloud, can help you transform your business accounting, this is the blog for you.


Accounting today is one of the most popular accounting news, trade magazine and informative blog on the Internet. It is one of the best resources for public accountants and professionals who offer tax preparation, bookkeeping, and financial services to individuals, small business.


Accounting WEB is a professional organization that focuses on the newest technologies and concepts in the field, from software to law and ethics.


AFWA is popular information blog on career strategies, professional development, accounting, and finance tips, focused on promoting the professional growth of women in all facets of accounting and finance.


Ace Cloud Hosting blog publish six-eight articles per month on how-tos, best practices, research, etc. on Accounting, Cloud Computing, Small Business, QuickBooks and many more. Ace Cloud Hosting is the premier source of information and advice on accounting and cloud technology to help your business.


The AICPA is the world’s largest professional organization for accountants and other professionals in the accounting field, with more than 400,000 members across the globe. In addition to setting ethical standards and developing exams and certifications for accountants, the AICPA provides news and information in the AICPA Insights blog, written by AICPA staffers and other accounting experts.


The Belfint Nonprofit Ledger is hosted by a group of CPAs from Belfint, Lyons, & Shuman. The Belfint Nonprofit Ledger provides answers to nonprofit accounting, management, and human resources questions, as well as comments on current trends. Belfint’s focus on the needs of nonprofit organizations is evident in every aspect of their blog; after all, as they explain, sound finances is “a necessity for survival” for nonprofits.


Maintained by staff CPAs from Bond Beebe Accountants and Advisors, the Bonde Beebe Blog is steeped in practical information for businesses, individuals, and consumers. By answering questions, giving advice, and providing resources, Bonde Beebe positions itself to be an excellent source of accounting fraud prevention.


This blog is owned by husband and wife team Chad and Donna Bordeaux who write a charming and useful accounting articles, an extension of their family-owned accounting practice Bordeaux and Bordeaux (so aptly named). Mostly focusing on tax, investments, and small business, these CPAs offer sound advice for both the individual and business owner.


CPA Practice Advisor is one of the most famous technology and practice management resource for accounting and tax professionals. The cover payroll, tax, and accounting to firm management, it covers a lot of topics and features different software reviews. Available in both, digital and print versions.


CPA Trendlines was created by Rick Telberg and is one of the best sources of information, research, and analysis in tax, accounting, and finance community. The latest reports and research data provides intelligence to find various challenges, their solutions and find new opportunities for your accounting business. Here you can find content on technology, leadership, tax season, and accounting trends.


Firm of the Future is powered by Intuit and it cover expert advice and become an innovative firm of future. This blog is a great way to help you discover new ways to your accounting practice and become a strategic and technology advisor to your clients. You can explore various categories such as QuickBooks, Networking, Technology, Client Relationship, etc.


Fit Small Business is a Manhattan-based consultancy firm reserved to small business, providing deeply-researched information small business owners can apply immediately to their day to day needs. They introduced the finance and business knowledge of a strong staff of well-informed New York accountants and businesspeople to bear on current issues, new technology, and practical business tips.


Insightful Accountants is introduced to help QuickBooks ProAdvisors, CPAs, and Bookkeepers on latest accounting technology updates. Most people know Insightful Accountant as the key information source on Intuit QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage. As an independent news and information source.


The Journal of Accountancy is the leading professional journal in the field, published by the AICPA. The Journal of Accountancy publish timely articles on a variety of topics such as practice management, technology, tax, financial reporting, and management accounting by AICPA. They also feature columns from industry experts and thought leaders. JofA is available in both print and online version.


The Auditors a must-read for anyone interested in accounting and finance. With more than 25 years’ experience working at Big 4 firms, McKenna uses her specialized news site to track the business of the Big 4. In addition to being a CPA, McKenna is a journalist whose objective yet critical voice earned her a column on called “Accounting Watchdog.” Besides old-school, feet-to-the-fire reporting on scandals, corruption, and policy, McKenna looks at the future of business, with posts like “Revenue Recognition is Coming.


Most people know of Kelly Phillips as the ‘Tax Girl’. Kelly is a well-known tax attorney and Forbes writer, helping businesses and tax professionals by educating and writing on tax-related security and technology issues and tax policies.


Armed with loads of tax knowledge and a healthy dose of candor, Russ Fox of Clayton Financial and Tax in Las Vegas, NV, gives readers practical tax advice that lays it on the line. In his posts to the Taxable Talk blog, Fox brings a little of the accounting professor, and a little of the Vegas bar buddy, providing some very technical lessons and tips with personality and character. Plus, he’s got some great insights into tax responsibilities for professional gamblers, if your poker games get a little more serious.


The second Intuit-based blog in our ranking centers around news about the broader community of accountants with unique polls and insights into the state of the accounting industry. Roughly one bite-sized post a day makes this a great way for practicioners and students to garner quick acumen and new perspectives through this corporate blog.

21. The Accounting Onion

The Accounting Onion is a blog unlike any other on our list as Tom Selling, an expert, CPA, and consultant, themed it as ‘peeling away financial reporting issues one layer at a time’. This blog provides insight into current trends in accounting, auditing, and financial analysis.


Could MACPA be the best-looking accounting and CPA blog? Quite Possibly.But apart from the good-looking website, MACPA is an excellent resource for CPAs and accountants covering everything – business strategy, financial planning, accounting & auditing, taxation, technology & social media, to ethics and professional issues.

23. Ohimai Consulting

This is a blog that deal with accounting and other related issues. Is run by an expert.

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