www.ohimaiconsulting,com E-Collection is electronic collection of government revenue. E-Collection through Treasury Single Account received new development since inception. Some of the improvement to e-collection are in line with Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) circular of 10th December, 2020. NEW DEVELOPMENT OF TSA IMPLEMENTATION IN NIGERIA New TSA cost of collections for payer and Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs). The charges are grouped into two. (A). Transaction charges borne by the payer. i) If the payment are received through Point of Sales (POS), it will attracts N150 plus 0.50 per cent of the amount being paid subject to a maximum of N1, 000 per transaction. ii). If payment are received through other channelled it attracts N150 exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) (B). Transaction charges borne by the MDAs. (i) They provide the platform for collection. (ii) They will process all data about the payment and the payer. (iii) They transmit the data and replicate them (iv) Fund sweeping.  For this, stakeholder below are to receive from Payment Solution Service Providers (PSSPs) or Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) fund sweeping. This depends on who is playing the collection role for the MDAs. NIBBS is to receives 10% while Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF) to receives 2.5%. 2. New TSA sharing formula for collection cost received among the various stakeholders as follows: PSSPs——————————-43% Collecting Banks——————33% CBN———————————11% NIBBS——————————-10.5% OAGF——————————–2.5% 3. The government link the revenue generating agencies to TSA portal through (PSSPS). PSSPs are companies appointed by government to collect TSA payments from ministries departments and agencies (MDAs). At at today, payer has to initiate payment from the receiving...
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