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How accountant can make use of drone technology to better their job

Drone technology is unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that can fly remotely (Lutkevich, 2021; Kanellakis & Nikolakopoulos, 2017; Han et al.,2020). According to Laricchia (2022),...

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www.ohimaiconsulting,com E-Collection is electronic collection of government revenue. E-Collection through Treasury Single Account received new development since inception. Some of the improvement to e-collection are...

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Conceptual Framework

Conceptual Framework Conceptual framework is dealt with in this post. In line with theoretical foundation and previous research related to this study, a conceptual framework...

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Treasury Single Account Treasury Single Account (TSA): This is defined as a unified structure of government bank accounts for MDA’s. TSA is a single account in the...

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Top 35 source documents in accounting

Top 35 source documents? Top 35 Source documents: these are the first source of information from which the accounting books are prepared. A source document...

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